Worker Schedule


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Volleyball 2014

Work Schedule


Welcome to the fall season of athletics at Holy Family School.  As most of you know from years past and new families will now learn, for each child participating in school sports, the policy is that parents are required to assist at home games (see Athletic policy).  Your support is essential to help with the funding of school athletics and allows us to keep the cost as low as possible.


All families are required to have completed Protecting God’s Children (PGC) prior to working.  Highlighted on this schedule are those family members who either need to complete a Diocese Acknowledgement Form (ACK) or have not completed the program (no PGC).  If you are highlighted, please rectify immediately by sending via email to Tom Parker ( or submit to the school office.  You can also pay the buyout fee ($75.00) to be removed from the schedule. 


If you are unsure of what steps you need to take to complete the program, please feel free to contact the school office.  There are also details on the school website.


Work Explanation:

·         1st shift workers will need to set up concessions in the kitchen, team chairs (including chair covers), scorer’s table (including book & board) and volleyball nets/posts.


·         Last shift workers will need to take down scorers table, chairs and clean up the concessions.  You will also need to clean the bleachers.


·         There will be 4 people per shift.  Two for concessions, one person for the gate, and one person to monitor people walking to/from the concessions stand.


·         IMPORTANT:  If you are unable to work on your scheduled day, you are responsible to find your replacement.  Communicate this change to either the Officer in Charge or Tom Parker.  No shows will not be tolerated, and may result in the family being charged the Buyout Fee of $75.00.


·         Parents are not allowed to send their high school aged student to work for their shift unless pre-approved by Tom Parker.  Please note that if approved, the student will not be paid, as this is volunteer time.


·         Every measure is taken to ensure parents are scheduled on nights when their child is playing.  Parents with multiple children will work more.  If you have special scheduling considerations, please contact Tom Parker at


·         Any questions, please contact Tom Parker at or by phone at (815) 236-9384.


Tues, Sept 9                              Officer in Charge – Graham/Pura/Kovas

1st Shift: 5:00pm – 7:15pm                    Colleen (BC) or Bob Krzysciak (BC)

                                                               Tina Okon

                                                               Pam or Jeff Pucel

                                                               Sharon (BC) or Dan (BC/ACK) Supple


2nd Shift: 7:15pm – 9:30pm                    Lisa or Paul Donahue

                                                               Paula or Mike Drysch

                                                               Corinne or David Gomez

                                                               Tiffeny or Keith Kienzler


Student Workers: 5:45pm – 9:00pm      Grant Parker

                                                               Mackenzie Findley



Fri, Sept 19                               Officer in Charge – Wharry                            

1st Shift: 5:00pm – 7:15pm                    Debra or Carl Carlino

                                                               Heather Dzurney

                                                               Liz (BC) or Richard (BC) Gochee

                                                               Julie or Don Kinsella


2nd Shift: 7:15pm – 9:30pm                    Laura Reibenstein

                                                               Dave Albert

                                                               Jill or Joe Brick

                                                               Colleen Laskowski


Student Workers: 5:45pm – 9:00pm      Ryan Rabe

                                                               Tyler Korhorn



Thurs, Sept 25                          Officer in Charge – Lyon                      

1st Shift: 5:00pm – 7:15pm                    Keri or Chris Spotofora

                                                               Deb (BC) or Bill Judge

                                                               Mary or Tony Papandria

                                                               Kathie (BC) or Jeff Purvis


2nd Shift: 7:15pm – 9:30pm                    Carmen or Armando Ramirez

                                                               Kim (no PGC) or David (no PGC) Tang

                                                               Katie Toole

                                                               Kelly or Mark Troha


Student Workers: 5:45pm – 9:00pm      Ben Gabor

                                                               Alex Kuhar







Holy Family Volleyball Tournament @ UNO Volleyball Club

                                                                781 S Larkin Ave

                                                                Joliet, IL


Sat, Sept 27                               7:00-11:30 OIC – Quinn/Graham

                                                  11:30-4:00 OIC – Kovas/Wharry         

1st Shift: 7:00am – 10:00am                   Colleen (BC) or Bob (BC) Krysciak

                                                               Tina Okon

                                                               Pam or Jeff Pucel

                                                               Sharon (BC) or Daniel (BC/ACK) Supple


2nd Shift: 10:00am – 1:00pm                  Paula or Michael Drysch

                                                               Kim Eaheart

                                                               Corinne or David Gomez

                                                               Tiffeny or Keith Kinzler


3rd Shift: 1:00pm – 4:00pm                    Colleen Laskowski

                                                               Laura Reibenstein

                                                               Debra or Carl Carlino

                                                               Lisa or Paul Donahue


Student Workers: 7:30am – 11:30am    Shannon Quinn

                                                               Justin DeVries

                                                               Caitlyn DeVries

                                                               Marissa Lewinski

                            11:30am – 3:30pm     Kailey Kovas

                                                               Molly Kovas

                                                               Aryka Adelmann

                                                               Jacob Ross






Holy Family Volleyball Tournament @ Holy Family


Tues, Sept 30                            Officer in Charge – Dixon                     

1st Shift: 5:00pm – 7:15pm                    Dave Albert

                                                               Jill or Joe Brick

                                                               Heather Dzurney

                                                               Deb (BC) or Bill Judge


2nd Shift: 7:15pm – 9:30pm                    Mary or Tony Papandria

                                                               Kathie (BC) or Jeff Purvis

                                                               David (no PGC) or Kim (no PGC) Tang

                                                               Katie Toole


Student Workers: 5:45pm – 9:00pm      Joey Buhay

                                                               Katie Regan