Worker Schedule (updated 4/4/16)

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As most of you know from years past and new families will now learn, for each child participating in school sports, the policy is that parents are required to assist at home games (see Athletic policy).  Your support is essential to help with the funding of school athletics and allows us to keep the cost as low as possible.



All families are required to have completed Protecting God’s Children (PGC) prior to working.  If you have not completed the program, please enroll for a course.  Course information is available at: or by calling the Parrish Office at 815-725-6880.  You can also choose to pay the buyout fee (varies by season) to be removed from the schedule.  




If you are unsure of what steps you need to take to complete the program, please feel free to contact the Parrish or School office.  




Work Explanation:

  • 1st shift workers will need to set up concessions in the kitchen, team chairs (including chair covers), scorer’s table (including book & board), setup the bleachers and volleyball nets/posts, if necessary. 
  • Last shift workers will need to take down scorer’s table, chairs and clean up the concessions.  You will also need to clean the bleachers.
  • There will be 4 people per shift.  Two for concessions, one person for the gate, and one person to monitor people walking to/from the concessions stand.
  • IMPORTANT:  If you are unable to work on your scheduled day, you are responsible to find your replacement.  Communicate this change to either the Officer in Charge or Jim Selinger.  No shows will not be tolerated, and may result in the family being charged the Buyout Fee.
  • Parents are not allowed to send their high school aged student to work for their shift unless pre-approved by Jim Selinger.  Please note that if approved, the student will not be paid, as this is volunteer time.
  • Every measure is taken to ensure parents are scheduled on nights when their child is playing.  Parents with multiple children will work more.  If you have special scheduling considerations, please contact Jim Selinger at

The worker schedule is available by clicking on the link above.